Monday, February 11, 2008

Ana Paula de Oliveira: the "sexy-guardalinee" are returned

The slid year it had made scandal, appearing knot in some photos published from one male review. Hour Ana Paula de Oliveira, the woman arbitrator of Brazilian soccer, is returned on the game fields. Although it has failed for two times the physical tests of the Fifa, has directed from assistant the game between Sao Josè and Taquaritinga, third division of the provincial championship of Saint Paul.

The paulista Federation of soccer had justified the decision asserting that it wished to try the reaction of the public and the players after the photos of appeared Ana Paula in the edition of past July of the review "Playboy". From then de the Oliveira, 29 years, it had been excluded from the activities it arbitrates them and it was come down in field only in little off board games. Hour is returned, more sexy that never.