Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here Luli Fernandez, fans of Simeone!

Luli is called Fernandez, has 20 years, is beautifulst and its idolo is Diego Pablo Simeone. A “love” bloomed since the times of infancy, when Luli was only a child with two passionate siblings of soccer and the Cholo a young champion in grass. Simeone and Batistuta always have been my idoli” the first declaration-truth of Fernandez whom it does not deny of having a weak person also for David Beckham: “Yes, the former centrocampista of Manchester United and Real Madrid more fascinating is the European soccer player, but Simeone is the beautifulst soccer player of the South America”.

Luli, Co-conduttrice of a famous sport program in Argentine, of recent has had also the possibility to know the former captain of national bicelestial own during a nose-dive of its transmission: “It has been beautiful to know it I follow, it from always. Now he is the trainer of the River Plate, my square of the heart. Which career will be able to make from technician? I preview a great future. It must have patience since the River has many players with great qualities”. The same ones that Diego Pablo has from the physical point of view: this it has clearly made it Luli to mean…